21748 Credit Union Branches In the United States

Did you know there are 21,748 credit union branches in the United States? Finding a credit union with the best deposit rate for certificates of deposit, savings accounts or money market accounts can be challenging. Likewise, finding a credit union that offers the lowest mortgage rate, auto loan rate or credit card rates isn't easy either. Consumers shop around for the best price on a car, an appliance, T.V., or any other product, why not shop around for the best interest rate?

Capitalization Rating
Total Capitalization Ratings of All Credit Unions in the United States
Well Capitalized Credit Unions: 5432
Adequately Capitalized Credit Unions: 137
Undercapitalized Credit Unions: 42
Significantly Undercapitalized Credit Unions: 5
as of 2022-12-31

Database of Credit Unions

MonitorBankRates.com maintains a database of credit unions across the United States to help you find the best credit union. The database contains a list of only NCUA insured credit unions.

You can also view credit union ratings and reviews by people like you who have already used a particular credit union. Also feel free to leave a review about a credit union you have done business with. We encourage both positive and negative reviews. Need a list of credit unions in your city or town to help you decide which credit union to choose? We have lists of credit unions in each city and town across the United States to help you decide which credit union is best for you. View a particular credit union's branch locations and hours.

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