Nordstrom Credit Union

Nordstrom Credit Union share savings rates, certificate (CD) rates, and money market rates are listed below. You can also see mortgage rates offered by Nordstrom. Nordstrom is based in Everett, WA, and has 5,948 current members. There is 1 branch location and 0 ATM locations for Nordstrom. You can also see a list of services, credit card rates, auto loan rates and payday loan rates offered by Nordstrom Credit Union. View Information.
Capitalization Rating
Nordstrom Credit Union
Well Capitalized
as of 2018-09-30

Nordstrom Credit Union Contact Information

Credit Union Name: Nordstrom Credit Union
Current Members: 5,948
Potential Members: 65,251
Full Time Employees: 10
Part Time Employees: 0
President: Sara Clarke
CEO: Shelli D Millhuff
Branch Locations: 1
ATM Locations: 0
Corporate Office Address:
2711 Hoyt Ave
Everett, WA 98201
Phone Number: (206) 774-2900
Fax Number: (206) 774-2929

Nordstrom Credit Union Services Offered

Indirect Lending: No
Business Share Accounts: No
Health Savings Accounts: No
Individual Development Accounts: No
No Cost Share Drafts: Yes
Share Certificates with Low Minimum Balance Requirements: Yes
Participation Loans: No
Financial Counseling: No
Financial Education: Yes
Financial Literacy Workshops: No
First Time Homebuyer Program: No
In-School Branches: No
Real Estate Loans: No
Bilingual Services: Yes
No Cost Bill Payer: Yes
No Cost Tax Prep. Services: No
Student Scholarships: No
Member Business Loans: No
Credit Builder: No
Indirect Business Loans: No
Indirect Mortgage Loans: No
Micro Business Loans: No
Micro Consumer Loans: No
Pay Day Lending: No
Refund Anticipation Loans: No
Share Secured Credit Cards: No
Payday Alternative Loans (PAL loans) (FCU Only): No
Risk Based Loans: No
Direct Financing Leases: No
Mortgage Processing: No
Approved Mortgage Seller: No
Debt Cancellation/Suspension Program: No
Borrowing Repurchase Agreements: No
Investment Pilot Program: No
Investment not authorized by the FCU Act (SCU ONLY): No
Deposits and Shares Meeting 703.10(a): Yes
Brokered Certificates of Deposits: No
Overdraft Protection/Courtesy Pay: No
Overdraft Lines of Credit: No
ATM/Debit Card Program: No
PrepaidDebit: No
Interest Only and Payment Option 1st Mortgage Loans: No
Insurance/Investment Sales: No
Brokered Deposits (All deposits acquired through a third party): No
Check Cashing: No
International Remittances: Yes
Low-cost wire transfers: Yes
Money Orders: No
No Surcharge ATMs: No

Nordstrom Credit Union Deposit Rates

Savings Rates (Shares): 0.150%
Checking Account Rates (Share Drafts): 0.000%
IRA/KEOGH Rates: 0.000%
Money Market Rates (Shares): 0.000%
1 Year CD Rates (Share Certificates): 0.000%

Nordstrom Credit Union Auto Loan Rates

Auto Loan Rates (New Vehicles): 2.460%
Auto Loan Rates (Used Vehicles): 5.020%

Nordstrom Credit Union Credit Card and Payday Loan Rates

Credit Card Rates: 9.250%
Unsecured Loans/Lines of Credit Rates: 12.060%
Payday Rates (PAL loans): 0.000%

Nordstrom Credit Union Branches

NFCU Branch